Landscape and Garden Art

I draw and paint landscapes that do not exist. They are in the process of being designed by landscape architects and designers. I work as part of the creative team. My art allows a client, or someone who cannot visualize the finished landscape by looking at a site plan, to get an idea of what the final landscape will be.

Site plans and plant lists supplied by the architect/designer are used to create the images that can be shown to their client who can clearly see what the designer/architect has in mind. Adjustments can be made during the development of the image far more cost effectively than waiting until a full installation of the actual landscape has been completed.

I have over 30 years experience as a commercial, architectural and botanical artist. I work in several mediums, read plans, visualize from any location, do quick sketch layouts with mood and atmosphere enhancing imagery and make artwork time sensitive (seeing the landscape a year, 3 years or 8 years from now). I also maintain an extensive visual library.

Other images are available on request and I also take commissions for landscape art.